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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Crime Matching with GEDMatch

Interesting this has just become apparent, genetic matching starts to work against increasing stored data and matching.  Shows the power of cowdsourced databases.  Other examples?    Technology Review Shows why and how:

Another arrest shows why no one can hide from the genetic detectives
For the second time this year, investigators used a public DNA database to solve a cold case and find a murderer.

The bust: A 55-year-old truck driver, William Talbott, was arrested today in Washington State after being fingered in a 30-year-old double murder.

How they found him: According to Buzzfeed, investigators located Talbott’s family members after uploading old crime scene DNA to GEDMatch, a crowdsourced database that genealogists use to compare DNA and build family trees.  ...  "

It further comes to mind that this is akin to:

 ' ...   "The Selfish Ledger,” was shared internally within Google. The video examines the possibility of a dystopian world where our use of devices such as smartphones creates a sort of digital DNA, which, like physical DNA, could exist within the context of future generations. ..."

More on that and links to the video on my post here.   Will the crimes of the past always match the crimes considered in the future?

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