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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ford and Smart Digital Mobility

Last week heard Ford give an excellent talk on their advances.    Especially about data gathered in cars. Autonomous cars will ultimately gather up to 4 Terabytes per hour. How will this be used, protected?

How Ford Is Thinking About the Future    By Mark W. Johnson in HBR

Everyone’s talking about a future in which vehicles are shared rather than owned, autonomous rather than driven, and where car companies make large shares of their profits on digital “mobility services.” But if you are the Ford Motor Company and face the prospect of investing billions in new technology while your century-old business model is overturned, you might first have a few questions. How are consumers going to react to all of this? What do they really want? How can you tell which opportunities are real and which are science fiction?

To help test drive the future, in 2016 Ford paid about $50 million to acquire Chariot, a startup mobility service. Incubated at Y Combinator, the venture was aimed squarely at the most important, most reliable, most consistent mobility need that consumers have every day: getting to and from work. While this seemed like a small bet for a $165 billion company built on the mass production of vehicles, the deal was scouted, in part, by Jim Hackett, then head of Ford Smart Mobility who has since been elevated to CEO. ....  " 

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