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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Watson Discovery Advisor Updated

Continued interest in how IBM Watson will be applied to real business problems.  There will be a demonstration today in NYC that we are following.   Quite an interesting claim to be able  find interesting patterns without direct queries.   More to follow.

" Watson Discovery Advisor has been upgraded to seek out hidden relations in data ... The service will provide you leads "when you don't know the question to ask, and for when you want to uncover and discover in the data new insights and patterns," said Steve Gold, IBM vice president for the Watson platform.

Many fields of expertise could benefit from the service, particularly those that collect large amounts of data that require analysis, such as law, medicine and finance, he said.

"It turns out there is a huge appetite in industry for this type of capability," Gold said. "Many of these industries, through traditional approaches, have found it time consuming and tiring to get through the information and find new insights." ... " 

More background here.

15 sec video clip showing chemical structure discovery w/Watson Discovery Advisor. 

Updated:  Specific examples of application and more background.   

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