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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Smartstones on the Daily Show this Week

Heard this somewhat late, but a startup I am connected with will be featured on the Daily Show this week (8 PM EST each night this week):

" ... Someone in our Smartstones "early bird" VIP community is going to be on the Jon Stewart Daily Show tonight.  He also offered to give a peak-a-boo spotlight on Smartstones! Wow!!! Thank you!

David Rose, head of the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab and author of "Enchanted Objects" is a thought leader in the area of connected devices and new experiences that bring joy to the world of people, and great progress for technology.  We encourage you to look for Smartstones on The Daily Show tonight - it will also be airing for the next four nights if you miss it. Please check out David's book on Amazon. ... " 

David will be interviewed by Jon Stewart, The Daily Show on Comedy Central tonight at 8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT.

He will raise awareness of Smartstones and the power of touch, to the millions of people who watch John Stewart and The Daily Show every night!!!

Also, he'll share a personal story about how he and his daughter have a special way of communicating non-verbally (I'm sure David and John will put a funny spin on this), and are excited for the possibility to have that closeness go mobile with the help of Smartstones!  ...  " 

Full message information.      @Smartstones_inc    #SmartstonesTouch

Update: Here is recording of the interview

Jump to 6:00 of the interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Smartstones.

Here are some of Jon's quotes about Smartstones:

"It's very awe inducing"
"It's a lovely way of humanizing technology"
"I love the idea that it helps connect you to your family or other people" .... 

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