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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Augmenting and Scaling Expertise

Thoughts I just put in a private Linkedin Group that deals with how cognitive expertise is effectively delivered.  It is all about how we can now augment and scale expertise,  not easily done in the 90s during the last round of 'expert systems' style AI:

" ... Well put about transformations, ‘augmenting and scaling’ expertise … Our own work delivering this in the large enterprise found a need for doing a good job in both of these dimensions. 

- We all appreciate augmenting. We need access to the right data, tailored analytic tools to understand that data and to communicate data based decisions. Ease of search now gets you to an assortment of ‘facts’, but not to focused expertise.

- Scaling expertise is also important. Getting expertise to more people, helping them know when they need it. Replacing searched facts with decision oriented expertise. Replacing expertise lost to retirement or changes in needs. Updating expertise to match new contexts. ... " 

I will be posting more about this thread as it develops.  Please pass along any thoughts or questions you have,  Be glad to add short guest posts in the thread.

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