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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Understanding Expertise and Data Related to Work Descriptions

Have recently started to look at how expertise matches tasks that need to be done.  I have worked in this area in the enterprise  to attempt to optimize resource allocation.  I was pointed to a resource called O Net Online, which includes detailed job task and resource descriptions.  Here is the entry for 'Supply Chain Manager', which I studied in some detail.  While I would disagree with some of the entry, it is still a good place to start.  Generally would need to adapt to your situation anyway.

     Further, in our new data intensive world, it is also necessary to add the specifics of data needed to do the work AND the data needed to feed any analytics needed to do the work effectively.   Also consider needs like  the data pattern understanding that might lead to better results.   Making those connections leads to better focus and results.   Also can lead to better tailoring of key advisory systems.

Lots of opportunity here.

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