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Monday, August 18, 2014

Improving Retail Employee Enthusiasm

A long time ago an enterprise I worked in was talking about acquiring a coffee emporium operation what was to become very successful.   But the talk always went back to:  We don't know how to run a retail business, especially one that is so close consumer facing. We research, market and make product and make sure it is places on the shelf of retailers in a timely way....   Now a related operation, Starbucks, looks at its HR approaches.

"  ... Starbucks, said Mr. Burrows, will now make changes to its workforce management software to give managers more say in keeping work hours reasonable. Mr. Burrows also promised to enforce a rule calling for schedules to be posted at least a week in advance.

Consistent practices appear to be a sizable part of Starbucks' problem. In a Reddit.com online forum intended for Starbucks workers, one recently transferred employee checked about company rules with his colleagues: "My new manager has a habit of scheduling people to close (11:30) and then open (4:30), and working 7+ days in a row, and no one bats an eye." ... "

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