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Monday, August 25, 2014

Nestle and Data Visualization

Quite impressive view of data visualization methods in use at Nestle. Similarities to Business Sphere work at P&G, but appears to be more broadly used.   Implication that much more analytics is embedded in the effort. With an emphasis on social media monitoring and engagement as opposed to internal corporate data.  Lots of pictures and video at the blog post.  Mentions my former colleague, Pete Blackshaw:

" ... Under the leadership of Pete Blackshaw, Global Head, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Nestlé created the Digital Acceleration Team (DAT), a digital leadership training program for digital marketing projects at Nestlé. The 12 members of each class are available to work on short-term projects that Nestlé units apply for. Then they return to their units, bringing with them what Blackshaw calls “digital vitamins” — a supplemental expertise that can be used to assist digital transformation in the graduate’s home unit. ... " 

Also interview at MIT Sloan.

Anyone have more references to this?

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