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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Why Automatically Generating Code is Hard

Worthwhile short example, below the intro

Why is Automatically Generating Code Hard?

Challenges in automatically generating code with Program Synthesis

A couple of years back, I was fascinated with a tool called FlashExtract. This is a tool that automatically generates data extraction code in Microsoft Excel. In FlashExtract, a user can highlight text that they want to extract from an Excel sheet. FlashExtract would automatically extract similar texts throughout the Excel sheet.

So, if you wanted to extract all the phone numbers in the sheet, you just highlighted a phone number and the rest of the phone numbers in the sheet would automatically be extracted as well. It was almost like magic since you did not have to write any code or formula. You did not have to do the manual work of going through the sheet and searching for all the phone numbers.   .... ' 

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