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Friday, February 11, 2022

High Tech Lie Detection

Looking for patterns, so conceivable.  With the usual cautions.

 True Story? Lie Detection Systems Go High-Tech

By BBC News, February 2, 2022

A new method of lie detection developed by researchers at Israel's Tel Aviv University uses electrodes affixed to the face to determine whether someone is lying. The researchers said their software and algorithm, which detects 73% of lies, have uncovered two types of liars: those who move their eyebrows involuntarily when lying, and those who are unable to conceal a slight movement where their lips meet their cheeks when lying.

Converus' EyeDetect system detects lies based on involuntary eye movements, as detected by eye-tracking software.   More than 65 U.S. law enforcement agencies and close to 100 agencies worldwide use EyeDetect, which claims to be 86% to 88% accurate.

From BBC News       

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