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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

NVIDIA Time Series Forecasting

And time series forecasting is a frequently useful need in anaytics.  NVIDIA provides a means, have not examined closely to see how complete this is. 

 Time Series Forecasting with the NVIDIA Time Series Prediction Platform and Triton Inference Server

By Kyle Kranen, Pawel Morkisz and Carl (Izzy) Putterman.  NVIDIA

n this post, we detail the recently released NVIDIA Time Series Prediction Platform (TSPP), a tool designed to compare easily and experiment with arbitrary combinations of forecasting models, time-series datasets, and other configurations. The TSPP also provides functionality to explore the hyperparameter search space, run accelerated model training using distributed training and Automatic Mixed Precision (AMP), and deploy and run inference on accelerated model formats on the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server.

Accurately forecasting future time series values using previous values has proven pivotal in understanding and managing complex systems, including but not limited to power grids, supply chains, and financial markets. In these forecasting applications, single-digit percentage improvements in predictive accuracy can have vast financial, ecological, and social impacts. In addition to needing to be accurate, forecasting models also must be able to function on real-time timescale.  ... '

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