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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Latest NVIDIA Developer Resources

 Impressive look,  just a sampler below. 

Latest Releases and Resources: Feb. 3-10, NVIDIA By Michelle Horton

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Our weekly roundup covers the most recent software updates, learning resources, events, and notable news. 

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GPU-Accelerated Asymmetric Numeral Systems with nvCOMP v2.2.0

The redesigned nvCOMP 2.2.0 interface provides a single nvcompManagerBase object that can do compression and decompression. Users can now decompress nvcomp-compressed files without knowing how they were compressed. The interface also can manage scratch space and split the input buffer into independent chunks for parallel processing.

What’s new:

The redesigned, high-level interface enhances the user experience by storing metadata in the compressed buffer.

All compressors are available through both low-level and high-level APIs.

Proprietary entropy encoder based on Asymmetric Numeral Systems.

GDeflate: Entropy-only variant

Windows support

Download now: nvCOMP version 2.2.0   .... 

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