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Sunday, December 01, 2019

Robot Prototype for Microsurgery

Seems a considerable advance.   Full and more technical article at the link

Robot Prototype Shows Promise for Microsurgery on Eyes, Aneurysms
By Vanderbilt School of Engineering

Professor Nabil Simaan and Professor Karen Joos
Mechanical Engineering Professor Nabil Simaan and Karen Joos, MD, Joseph N. and Barbara H. Ellis Family Professor of Ophthalmology

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have developed a continuum robot that achieves multi-scale motion and may allow previously impossible complex microsurgeries. The robot can provide both large macro motion workspace as necessary for surgical intervention, as well as small micro motions workspace with motion resolutions of one micron or less.

The miniaturization and range of motion achieved by this technology would allow precise control during procedures on complex aneurysms, tiny veins and arteries, nerves, and the delicate structures of the eye, the inner ear, and the vocal cords.

Said Vanderbilt researcher Nabil Simaan, "This new class of robots will provide micro-precision while traversing macroscale sinuous pathways to the operation site."

From Vanderbilt School of Engineering  .... " 

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