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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Enabling AI in Hospitals for Training

Distributed learning method. deep learning on the edge to provide privacy.

Nvidia uses federated learning to enable AI in hospitals

Nvidia Corp. wants to make artificial intelligence a staple of the healthcare industry with a new distributed learning technique announced today that can train machine learning models while protecting patient privacy.

AI holds great promise, but for industries such as healthcare where data privacy is of paramount importance, tapping into that potential is a big challenge. The problem is that any data that might be useful to train models is almost always confidential, which means it can’t be shared with technology partners.

Nvidia reckons it can solve this problem with its new Clara Federated Learning technique, which ensures that patient data remains within healthcare providers’ systems at all times.

Clara FL is a reference application for distributed AI training that’s designed to run on Nvidia’s recently announced EGX intelligent edge computing platform. Those systems are capable of performing deep learning training locally at the “network edge,” where the data resides, without moving it. .... " 

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