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Monday, December 30, 2019

Personality Detection by Autonomous Vehicles

More on personality determination to be used for autonomous vehicles.  Or any IOT device?  While it would appear this would be very useful, it leads to some kinds of private data, like behavioral personality, which could further be used to predict things that could be proxies for criminal behavior.

If I can quickly determine that a person drives erratically, say by observation, I would avoid them.  But I imagine this would likely be objected to as too deeply personal to be determined by an AI.   As we continue to do this kind of tagging with AI, expect more of this.

Predicting People's Driving Personalities
MIT News   By Adam Conner-Simons

A team led by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) developed a system that classifies drivers' behavior, in order to determine whether autonomous vehicles (AVs) can be programmed to gauge other drivers' personalities in order to predict other vehicles' behaviors. The researchers employed social value orientation to quantify a person's selfishness or cooperativeness, and mapped out real-time driving trajectories for driverless vehicles based on that measurement. The researchers designed and tested an algorithm in scenarios of merging lanes and making unprotected left turns, and demonstrated that they could better predict other cars' behaviors. CSAIL's Wilko Schwarting said, "Creating more human-like behavior in autonomous vehicles (AVs) is fundamental for the safety of passengers and surrounding vehicles, since behaving in a predictable manner enables humans to understand and appropriately respond to the AV's actions."

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