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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cloud Based CyberCrime Evidence Detection

Links to other approaches I have recently seen in this area.

CIT Researchers Develop System to Detect Cloud-Based Cybercrime Evidence
Purdue University News
John O'Malley

Researchers at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute's Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) have developed a forensic model that uses machine learning to collect digital evidence related to unlawful activities on cloud storage apps. The technology performs real-time identification and analysis of cybercrime-related incidents via transactions uploaded to the apps. An app user uploading a media file causes the system to implement deep learning models to scan images for cybercrime evidence and report illegal activities through a forensic evidence collection system. Cloud service providers can compile alert logs, block associated accounts, and notify law enforcement based on a cloud search warrant request. CIT's Fahad Salamh said, "It is important to automate the process of digital forensic and incident response in order to cope with advanced technology and sophisticated hiding techniques and to reduce the mass storage of digital evidence on cases involving cloud storage applications."  ... ' 

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