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Monday, December 02, 2019

China Requiring Facial Scans

More use of facial data gathering.   While it could be used for convenience and general identification, say for voting or providing services, it can then also be used for policing as well.    Then its less than perfect accuracy comes into play.   Again, I think that its inevitable that these capabilities will expand.

China now requires face scans for all new mobile phone accounts
Reuters in VentureBeat

Above: People walk past a poster simulating facial recognition software at the Security China 2018 exhibition on public safety and security in Beijing, China October 24, 2018.

Image Credit: REUTERS/Thomas Peter
(Reuters) — China on Sunday put into effect new regulations that require Chinese telecom carriers to scan the faces of users registering new mobile phone services, a move the government says is aimed at cracking down on fraud.

The rules, first announced in September, mean millions more people will come under the purview of facial recognition technology in China.  ... "

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