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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Smartphone Biological Virus Scanner

Not computer viruses, but biological viruses  Like the idea of physical sensors being attached to now very powerful devices/sensors in the form of smartphones.     Allowing the power to be readily put in many hands.

Smartphone virus scanner is not what you think

A new portable device lets smartphones count real biological viruses
The current leading method to assess the presence of viruses and other biological markers of disease is effective but large and expensive. It is prohibitively difficult for use in many situations, especially due to certain economic and geographic factors. So researchers created and tested an alternative miniaturized system that makes use of low-cost components and a smartphone. Researchers hope the system could aid those who tackle the spread of diseases.

A virus scanner for a smartphone might not sound too exciting at first, but this virus scanner doesn’t search for the latest malware; it scans biological samples for real viruses. It is a portable, low-cost, battery-powered device and is the brainchild of researcher Yoshihiro Minagawa from the University of Tokyo. It was tested with viruses but could also detect other biological markers.  ... " 

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