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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

NVidia Releases Advanced Chatbot Software

We built chatbots in the 80s that worked very well, though never well enough for general applicability for general acceptance, use and updating.  Now Nvidia is releasing new capabilities which are apparently impressive.  Continuing to follow

Nvidia just made it easier to build smarter chatbots and slicker fake news

Chipmaker Nvidia is betting that AI’s language skills will advance rapidly—it’s releasing a powerful tool for putting together chatty programs.    by Will Knight in TechnologyReview

Artificial intelligence has made impressive strides in the last decade but machines are still lousy at comprehending language. Just try engaging Alexa in a bit of witty banter. 

Nvidia, the company that makes the computer chips that power many AI algorithms, thinks this is about to change and is looking to capitalize on what it sees as a field that's about to explode. 

The chipmaker is releasing software today that makes it easier to build AI programs capable of using language more gracefully on its hardware. The new code could accelerate the development of new language algorithms, and make chatbots and voice assistants snappier and smarter.  ... " 

See much more from NVIDIA in the below considerable article, both descriptive and technical details with links to development infrastructure.

NVIDIA Clocks World’s Fastest BERT Training Time and Largest Transformer Based Model, Paving Path For Advanced Conversational AI

By Shar Narasimhan | August 13, 2019  Tags: DGX SuperPOD, Machine Learning and AI, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Speech, speech recognition, TensorRT
NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD trains BERT-Large in just 53 minutes, and trains GPT-2 8B, the largest Transformer Network Ever with 8.3Bn parameters   .... " 

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