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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Data Labeling

We worked with both the crowdsourcing methods for this and automated methods. 

AI's New Workforce: The Data-Labeling Industry Spreads Globally
in Financial Times
By Madhumita Murgia

There is a growing international data-labeling industry that employs hundreds of thousands of workers in lower-income countries. Many small companies are forming parts of a so-called "artificial intelligence (AI) supply chain" helping to train algorithms that can interpret material including driving footage, search results, and photos for some of the world's largest multinational corporations. Companies are embracing AI as a way to automate decision-making and help drive new business opportunities, but first they must train their algorithms on millions of labelled examples. Said Leila Janah, founder and chief executive of data labeling vendor Samasource, "We work with a population usually coming from informal settlements, rural villages, so the chance to have a job that pays well, and gives you computer skills and exposes you to AI, it means people treat this very seriously." ....."

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