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Friday, August 30, 2019

Update on North's Focals Smart Glasses

More updates on North's Focals Smart Glasses.  Now more closely connected to typical smart phone OS.  At this only to the Android.   Will this mean that we will soon see these as more common as a replacement for the smartphone,  as convenience rather than the need for hands-free?

North’s Focals smart glasses now support Android’s notification actions
Manage your emails or retweet directly from your face
By Jon Porter@JonPorty in TheVerge

North has added native support for Android’s notification actions to its Focals smart glasses. Using the new functionality, you’ll now be able to access any shortcuts app developers include in their app’s notifications. 9to5Google, which first spotted the update, notes that these actions can include deleting or archiving emails in the Gmail app or retweeting tweets on Twitter. .... " 

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