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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Language of Mind

More about AI .... an interview.  Towards General Intelligence (GA) and what it may need, and  mean.

The Language of Mind, In Edge
A Talk By David Chalmers [8.8.19]

Will every possible intelligent system somehow experience itself or model itself as having a mind? Is the language of mind going to be inevitable in an AI system that has some kind of model of itself? If you’ve just got an AI system that's modeling the world and not bringing itself into the equation, then it may need the language of mind to talk about other people if it wants to model them and model itself from the third-person perspective. If we’re working towards artificial general intelligence, it's natural to have AIs with models of themselves, particularly with introspective self-models, where they can know what’s going on in some sense from the first-person perspective.  ...  '

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