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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bouncing Camera Gathers Images, Realities

Fast image gathering for reconnaissance and image based reality creation.  Possibilities.

Police Are Now Testing This Harvard Startup's Throwable Cameras
Bounce Imaging believes its technology could also have potential for a consumer action camera—as well as virtual reality.

Back in 2012, Bounce Imaging unveiled a prototype for the Explorer: a softball-sized throwable camera that could almost instantly transmit 360-degree images to a mobile device when tossed into a hidden areas, like a hostage situation, burning building or the rubble of an earthquake. The idea was originally conceived with first responders’ safety in mind, but it quickly became clear that there was immense value for giving police personnel an idea of what they may face in potentially dangerous situations. Now, three years later, the Boston startup is in the process of shipping out the first batch of 100 Explorers, which will be tested out by the Revere/North Metro SWAT team and the Maine Department of Corrections, among other departments.  ... " 

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