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Thursday, December 15, 2011

SAP and NetBase

More on the use of social media analytics to manage client reputation and interaction.

" ... Taking a cue from rivals such as Salesforce.com, SAP on Monday announced a partnership under which it will resell and support social media analytics software from NetBase. NetBase is one of a growing variety of vendors with platforms that ingest large amounts of data from social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and then analyze it to give companies a sense of what people are saying about their products, strategies and brands. The move follows Salesforce.com's acquisition earlier this year of Radian6, a NetBase competitor, as well as Oracle's recent US$1.5 billion acquisition of RightNow, which has social-media monitoring software among its offerings ... "   " ... the solution indexes over 95 million posts to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. These are managed in the social intelligence warehouse where these insights are made available through the web based UI, and to custom applications that use the web services API ... "

See also more details on this on the blog of Blair Wheadon of SAP.  Note in particular the use of sentiment and emotion  analysis in the analytics.  I saw some early presentations by SAP on how they planned to use social media methods.

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