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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sands Research Nails VW Ad

An interesting result that starts to connect new ad analysis methods with classic methods: ------ Wall St. Journal and AdWeek Agree with  Sands Research #1 Ranking ------- El Paso, Texas - Sands Research Inc. (SRI), a leading provider of neuroscientific market research services and technology, announced today that the recent rankings by the Wall Street Journal and AdWeek of the best television commercials of 2011, confirmed SRI's rating of Volkswagen's "The Force" as the top advertisement in their Annual Super Bowl Neuro-Engagement Ad Study and the benefits of neuromarketing based market research.  ------ "Our Company revealed earlier this year that Volkswagen's "The Force" was the best, #1 ranked advertisement in our annual study of all the commercials run during the Super Bowl. The spot by Deutsch LA ran away with the highest Neuro-Engagement Score (NES) that we have ever obtained in the thousands of commercials we have tested," stated Ron Wright, President / CEO of Sands Research Inc.."

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