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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Store Simulation and Category Placement

I met today with Herb Sorensen and Bill Hruby to see TNS's just released Atlas Store Datamining Tool. An impressive piece of work that takes insights from Herb Sorensen's Inside the Mind of the Shopper book and uses a model that predicts store performance based on a TNS gathered database of consumer behaviors when shopping varying store designs.

This is the first example I have seen of a practical, usable category level layout analysis tool. It is still in the process of being developed further to include more details of store operations, and being added to a larger set of store consumer behavior based on alternative layouts.

I can see how even now it can be used to get deep insight into store performance. Useful for retailers and manufacturers. See the link above for more information. I will continue to report on it as I test it and as it evolves further.

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