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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Portfolio Analysis

Today I attended a webinar by Gary L. Lilien on teaching portfolio analysis using the GE/McKinsey approach. He is author of the book Marketing Engineering. Have mentioned it here before that some of our internal portfolio work was featured in Robert Cooper's book on portfolio analysis.

Struck by how his simple method is implemented in an Excel spreadsheet, as part of a larger set of analytical tools for marketing. Yet there is not much math here at all, it is more about the process of choosing and iterating in key parameters. Powerful plus simple ideas work best.

We did this kind of portfolio analysis work often when working with execs and key stakeholders. Here too the results are provided in a useful visualization. Much more about the portfolio of solutions at their site, including archives of their presentations.

Update: An intriguing historical note on the origin of the GE/McKinsey framework.

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