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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Qwaq Becomes Teleplace

I recently brought up Qwaq, which we looked at for remote visual, avatar-enabled collaboration. They announced today that they have become Teleplace. Good name change, can only help to make them better known. Incongruous company names can work (Amazon, Google) but I would not bet the company on it. Check out Teleplace. SL just does not work well with typical business interactions, we tried. Even Microsoft is abandoning it. Previously about Qwaq now Teleplace.

' ... Chris Koehn, General Partner of Abacus Solutions Group, said “As the Abacus Program Manager for the Air Force MyBase program, we're excited to leverage the specialized Training Center and server scalability of Teleplace 3.0 to build on the training successes we've already accomplished together. In addition, the new Session Broadcast capability has the strong potential to enhance the Air Force's training mission." ... '

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MarillaAnne Slade said...

Franz, Don't be confused. MS is moving away from SL but ... it is only to move right onto a grid that is SL's OLD open source code. It is just as "clunky". So they are not moving away from the concept of SL. They are moving away from the company of SL.

Holding a business meeting in SL in conventional terms ... lining people up at conference tables ... forcing them into stadiums ... yadda yadda ... will never be the best use of SL nor the immersive type of 3d environment that SL represents.

If the content being brought to the table and to the stadium does not compliment the presentation atmosphere, it's all dead in the water anyway ... SL and RL.

Typically business manager types do not understand how to harness the excitement of RL so never mind harnessing the mind-blowing aspects of any 3D immersive environment.

But back to the idea of moving away from the company vs moving away from the concept. There are a great many people watching the metaverse and honing new skills in order to jump away from SL the company.

MS is thrilled about the MS platform and C# usage etc ... AND the customer service provided by Reaction Grid. They left SL the company. This movement by geeks for the geeks is small potatoes.

When someone gets any 3d grid designed correctly to protect the copyrights (& aggressively follow take down requests) of individual creators ... then there will be mass exodus of SL.

So anyway ... Pointing to MS's move as proof of death of the concept is incorrect. Pointing to it as another stab that could lead to the death of the company ... that would be correct.

Enjoy have fun,