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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gordon Bell's Mylifebits

BW reviews the status of the work by Gordon Bell with MyLifebits. Inspired in part by Vennevar Bush's unimplemented Memex idea. We saw MyLifebits presented in its early phases. The article positions it going beyond the Twitterverse, automating the online and offline minutiae of your life, permitting it all to be retrieved and studied later on. An electronic scrapbook of his entire life. Though some kinds of recording can be automated via video and audio devices like the Sensecam at the right, much else still needs to be manually scanned. We are still not paperless. Also related to the more general Lifelog projects. We looked at it as a possible future knowledge management tool. It is noted that Microsoft has chosen not to come out with a suite of lifeblogging tools.

Update: Thinking about life recorders as common as a wrist-watch, and the implications.

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Mark Montgomery said...

Had an interesting related discussion with Jenny Zaino at www.semanticweb.com during her interview of me last month. I recognized her name, and could see in her bio I had no doubt read dozens of her articles over the years, but wouldn't it have been nice to have been able to pull up a history, especially with my own history, ratings, etc. And V/V...