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Monday, September 28, 2009

Buy and Sell Data

Infochimps is a site that says it will allow you to buy and sell data. A curious idea with some shaky potential issues. How will they be able to assure the validity of the data? They are still in the early stages and I was unable to get an invite so far. Give me access and I will review. Worth following.

" ... Infochimps lets you discover, share and sell data of any size, topic, or format. Open source knowledge. Anyone can post data under an open license for the world to share and edit, forever, for free. Request a beta tester invitation to share data!

The first open marketplace for data. For anything from polling surveys to market research to fantasy sports statistics, we can connect your data to a massive audience of customers. You control the terms, you set the price, we handle storage, distribution and billing. Sell data now! ... "

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