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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Human Level AI by When?

The World Future Society suggests we will have Human level AI by 2025. The Foresight Institute blog says it depends what the tasks are. Of course if you could create an AI that would have the same learning capability as a 2-year old child you might get to the same place. I disagree to some degree that it would be much easier to build say an AI that could do a janitor's tasks than an AI could do those of a College professor. There are still lots of visual, navigational, manipulation and strategy tasks that a janitor does that are still some time away. Creativity is another thing ...

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Mark Montgomery said...

For many years this comparison caught my interest, becoming convinced that computers will not be able to even approach the human brain in many respects, in part due to its organic adaptability. Creativity is a good example -- your link to Jung a good example -- special on O'Keefe another -- we became members of the museum and have toured the research center -- I don't see a computer having the ability to search for what is not in memory, to invent, to create. Answer most known questions-- easy-- chess -- easy in comparison-- da Vinci? Not anytime soon. Eventually perhaps-- in some ways we are complex organic computers, each with differentiality.... but our tool making doesn't even approach the ability of nature for the entire human brain. .02- MM