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Friday, September 19, 2008

Scent Communications

A positive review of Whiff! The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age, by C. Russell Brumfield. Have been involved with a number of scent driven projects and it is an under used and hard to control sense. "... we are on the verge of an age in which almost every product and environment is imbued with an appropriate scent. That scent might be designed to evoke a particular emotion, or send a branding message. He even thinks scent could provide directional cues to help shoppers navigate complex mall environments ... ". It's on my reading list. See my previous review of the related book:What the Nose Knows. Update: In the comments the author provides some more details about their direction in smell science.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your mention of our new book
Whiff! The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age.
While we identify a couple of hundred studies into the effects upon the consumer brain, Whiff! is a great next step after reading Avery Gilbert's The Nose Knows.
Gilbert's book is an easy read that identifies scent's effects from a scientist's point of view. In Whiff! we identify the results of the mass of research, and explain how it applies to the marketplace - from the view of an entrepreneur and marketer.

We give a comprehensive overview of the new era of scent application, then explain how one can get into the game.

While I was addressing an audience of Advertisers and marketers in Brussels last year, I mentioned scent being used as a directional aid, and was quickly informed that a local parking garage had been using the application for quite some time.

Since finishing the book early in the year, we are continuing to find our many predictions about scent to be taking place in areas all over the globe.
Scented home theater, video games, movie theaters, laptops, and much more are being rolled out this coming season.
One large European communications company plans to have internet driven scent delivery systems in as many as ten million homes within the next four years.

There is truly a revolution taking place in the final frontier of the senses, and I encourage everyone to pay close attention to the scent of things to come.

C. Russell Brumfield
Whiff! The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Information Age

Franz Dill said...

Russell, Thanks for the additional details, contact me, would love to talk further.