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Monday, September 08, 2008

Web 2.0 and Business Intelligence

I continue to look at best ways to effectively apply business intelligence (BI) in the enterprise. The CW article linked to below is a good overview. I am not sure that BI needs to be saved, but rather its interfaces and solution flow need to be made usable by those with the actual problems.

We are getting closer, but there is much to be done. Mash-ups make certain kinds of applications easier to set up and deliver, at least at the prototype stage. They do not make it necessarily easier for the expert to solve their own problems. With those cautions, a good overview read which gave some approaches to examine more deeply. Lots of geo visual examples.

Can Web 2.0 save BI?
Mashups could be the answer to BI's problems. Here's how organizations are connecting the technologies to make better business decisions.

" ...All of these new technologies are about making it easier to build and consume analytical applications," says Gartner Inc. analyst Kurt Schlegel. Today, he notes, companies frequently cite a lack of both end-user and developer skills as a major barrier when deploying traditional BI applications. Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that no more than 20% of users in most organizations use reporting, ad hoc query and online analytical processing tools on a regular basis.

Instead, most companies rely on already overburdened IT departments or in-house teams of BI experts to fulfill users' requests for reports, analyses and forecasts, a process that can take weeks or longer. Then, when decision-makers finally receive a report, they often discount or distrust it because the data is no longer relevant or timely.... "

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