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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Jambaar for Video Content Management

Brought to my attention:

.... Jambaar is your co-creator in driving better video content results. Our subscription model makes it faster and more affordable than any other solution.   ... 

• 100% Faster and more cost effective creation
• 10x more video destinations to reach your audience
• AI predictive intel for content strategy development
• Fast implementation & integration
• Content Asset management

Our Video Intelligence tm AI Platform

Say Hello to Jambaar's advanced video analytics for business built with artificial intelligence (AI).
Predictive AI analytics and data visualization built to give you better business performance with video content. 

Get answers and new insights to make confident video content decisions in minutes. 

Make the best use of your budget by predictively targeting your audience based on key performance indicators (KPI).

Jambaar Leadership:
"As a Former P&G Executive with 25 years in the marketing and video production industry with Fortune 100 companies, I set off on a mission to solve one of the most complex and cumbersome business processes in the industry. It's time for companies to have a better video content solution. That's why Jambaar exists."

Anne Chambers

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