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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

GE Makes an Alexa Techno Lamp

An odd thing, but will it match your decor?   Techno geek looking.   Lots of folks jumping into the Alexa intelligence thing.  Form meets function, they say.  Now if you could float a hologram screen into the center of the lamp circle, this would be starship ready.  Not said  to be available until Q2 of 2017.

GE made a circular lamp with Alexa in it  by Jacob Kastrenakes

Amazon started allowing other companies to build Alexa into their own products last year, and today GE is unveiling what might be the most compelling example yet. It’s a wild LED lamp that’s kind of like what would happen if you attached a large, glowing ring to the top of an Echo Dot.

The lamp looks all at once futuristic, kind of goofy, and like it’ll fit terribly in your apartment. But having a thing that looks like a physical re-creation of the Cortana ring at home just seems kind of great.  ... " 

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