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Saturday, January 21, 2012

P&G Working with Couponing Startup MoBeam

In the local papers:   P&G  is working with a west coast startup called MoBeam, and a company called Ecrio. which I originally brought into town for tests several years ago.  I have mentioned their methods a number of times here.   Part of the effort invoved here was to do the consumer analytics to see what the response of the shopper was to these new methods.   See also an earlier press release.

" .... Snipping coupons from the Sunday paper, stuffing them into a wad and producing them at checkout is a weekly ritual for millions of shoppers.

The current technology is not easy to use, Baker says. The shopper must present the phone to the cashier, who then must key in a number, as shoppers waiting in line grow impatien

 The opportunity is growing, but it’s a long way from being a mainstream technology used by a large segment of the population,” he says.

 That’s what P&G and Mobeam are hoping to fix.  “If couponing can be easier, faster and less costly for shoppers and retailers, we want to help bring it to life,” said Jeff Weedman, vice president of global business development at P&G.

P&G and other manufacturers are banking on projections that 50 percent of the population will own a smart phone by 2015. Thirty percent currently own the phones, creating a demand for systems allowing them to easily cash in their coupons anywhere.... "

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Walter Riker said...

You are may already know this however with the Key Ring app I can add coupons via Cell Fire to my Kroger Rewards card and then at check out they automatically are applied. At this time the Kroger automated check out cannot scan my phone so I use the card. At CVS they can scan my phone so any coupons applied there work right of my phone. Life is good and they are learning what you have tried to tell them for years.