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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marsh Brand Partners

I see that Marsh is now Marsh Brand Partners.   They have redesigned their web site, changed their name and focus.   A company that I have had the pleasure to interact with for several years.  They state in their philosophy:

" ... Have you ever noticed that things look a little more interesting close up? A deeper perspective can reveal something new—the beauty of the details or a perspective we didn’t see before. At Marsh Brand Partners, our curiosity keeps us looking beyond the obvious. There’s something deeper, something more meaningful waiting to challenge the status quo. We mine for those revelations, and bring them to life .... 

What Does it Mean to Create Desire?
Lust. Envy. Passion. The deepest drivers of behavior are often unspoken. However the effort to tap those desires pays deep rewards. Connecting on emotional and even primal levels with consumers creates relationships that demand engagement...  " 

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