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Saturday, April 01, 2023

Meta Still Happening

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Meta Declares the Metaverse Is Still Happening, but It Might 'Take a While'

The company's head of global affairs recently doubled down on the company's commitment to creating the 'next big thing' in computing.

By Josh Norem March 31, 2023   in Extremetech

f anyone was wondering whether the company that changed its name to Meta recently was about to ditch the metaverse like other recent tech companies have, it's not. One of its top executives held a virtual press conference this week in -- where else? -- the company's metaverse to let reporters know it's still working on it.

The meeting featured Nick Clegg, head of global affairs for Meta, and various Washington D.C. reporters. All of the meeting's attendees appeared as avatars, and the reporters obviously had to borrow their headsets. Also, only Clegg's avatar looked like him, according to Bloomberg. With the avatars gathered around a large wooden table, Glegg declared the company was still all in on the metaverse. "We’re going to stick with it," he said, "because we really believe, all the early evidence suggests, that something like this will be the heart of the new computing platform.” However, he added, “But it’s going to take a while.”   ... '  

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