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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Advanced AI Faces New Regulatory Push in Europe

More regulatory pressure arises.

Advanced AI Faces New Regulatory Push in Europe

By The Wall Street Journal, April 21, 2023

The European Parliament in session.

Members of the European Parliament have been charged with hammering out a new draft of what the European Union calls its AI Act.

In an open letter published April 17, a group of EU lawmakers said regulators should be given authority to govern the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The lawmakers, tasked with developing a draft of the AI Act, said the bill will direct AI development "in a direction that is human centric, safe, and trustworthy."

They added that the bill "could serve as a blueprint for other regulatory initiatives in different regulatory traditions and environments around the world."

The letter called for a high-level global AI summit with a focus on preliminary governing principles for deploying AI, and requested the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council develop an agenda for the summit at its next meeting.

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