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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas Python 2023

Nicely done general,  beginners piece on data analysis

by Rob Mulla


122,509 views  Premiered Dec 31, 2021  Medallion Python Data Science Coding Videos

In this video about exploratory data analysis with pandas and python, Kaggle grandmaster Rob Mulla will teach you the basics of how to explore data using python and pandas. Exploratory Data Analysis it a necessary tool for any data scientist. Pandas is a MUST for anyone getting into data science with python. Python is the #1 coding language for data science and has been growing over the years as an essential tool, with Pandas being the main data wrangling module. Kaggle Grandmaster Rob goes over it all in this video. In this video we discuss the basics of how to use explore data including...


00:00 Introduction

01:00 Imports and reading data

03:35 Data Understanding

06:40 Data Preparation

20:57 Feature Understanding

27:35 Feature Relationships

35:30 Asking a Question about the Data

40:00 Final Thoughts

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