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Friday, April 28, 2023

Map of Evolutionary Tree LLMs

Good resources,  gives an interesting indication  about how much has been done.

Yann Lecun     VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta     (Technical)

A survey of LLMs with a practical guide and evolutionary tree.

Number of LLMs from Meta = 7

Number of open source LLMs from Meta = 7

The architecture nomenclature for LLMs is somewhat confusing and unfortunate.

What's called "encoder only" actually has an encoder and a decoder (just not an auto-regressive decoder).

What's called "encoder-decoder" really means "encoder with auto-regressive decoder"

What's called "decoder only" really means "auto-regressive encoder-decoder"

https://lnkd.in/eZKhwmuz    -   Automated map appears below: 

We build an evolutionary tree of modern Large Language Models (LLMs) to trace the development of language models in recent years and highlights some of the most well-known models, in the following figure:   ... 

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