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Friday, October 02, 2015

Learning from Military Teams

We used methods like After Action Reviews (AAR), but there is much more to utilize.  An interview with Gen. Stanley McChrystal:

 " .... Many companies lack an overarching mission that can really bring people together the way the military’s mission does. So are the lessons of military team-building really transferable to the private sector? .... 

The lessons are hugely transferrable. I’ve spent the last five years on the commercial side, and it’s much less different from the military than I’d expected. The perception of the military is that we’re always on a razor’s edge, operating in dramatic environments, and making extraordinary decisions. Yes, there is a fair amount of that, but that’s more TV and movies than day-to-day. The things that make the military so good and able are very basic things, such as building levels of relationships and understanding capabilities. .... " 

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