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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: Tableau Launches Vizable for Tablet

Tableau has launched a free data visualization capability for the iPad called Vizable.   I loaded it up today and ran through a number of examples. Includes basic visualization forms.  Nicely done, includes the ability to import data, filter variables, plot and to export the results.  No analytics.  No way to save visual models,  just resulting images.  No calculated fields.

Its nowhere near like all of Tableau, but covers basics.    Notably leaves out things like Geo mapping and range filter selection.  Also no advanced formatting of visualizations.   Has impressive multiple column manipulation.  Pinch style editing on tablet.  Sorting and rearrangement of columns. Simple comparison trends.  The export is a fixed  image and non interactive.  Says it will import up to 200K rows and 25 MB  files.  CSV and simply formatted Excel files.  Implies it will only work for later version iPads.  But I got it to work well on an iPad 2 running IOS 9 with small files.

Vizable would be a good thing to point out to students,  to get them used to manipulating files and variables under multiple visualizations.  That's often hard to get used to.  Also being on a tablet is nice for easy interaction and demonstration.  Although for now it is only on one tablet and not on a laptop.   Impressive for free.  See the Vizable community site for more information, getting started, help and hints and social conversations about its use.

Will follow with other review links here.  ....

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