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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Big Data from Big Database Providers

I have been asked to give a talk and write up about how classic relational database providers have been positioning the phenomenon of Big Data.   From an analytic, decision improving perspective.

Whenever you are asked to look at applications of analytic tools in an enterprise you will have to apply them in an existing relational database environment.  Formal structured databases have been in use there for many decades.  Big data gives the opportunity to loosen the formal structures, which often made it difficult to perform analysis on problems the structures were not designed for.  As a long time analytics practitioner I am interested in what works practically for current and future data contexts.

I started with a look of how Oracle addresses the problem.  It was a natural place to start since it is the relational database used by my former enterprise.   You can read more about how they position it here.  There you will find a very good five and a half minute overview video that would be excellent as a completely non technical executive introduction.   Other papers are provided to identify how Oracle's specific methods are integrated into their methods.

They use an Economist article to portray current uses and industry support for the method.

More to follow as I continue to build this review of offerings from other providers.   If you have some useful supporting information, send it along.

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