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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birds and Gamified Education

Having been involved in a number of gamification projects, I have always thought it is the gaming companies that could ultimately do the best in applying game dynamics to serious learning problems.  So I like this effort of trying to bring game developers to education.  Look forward to seeing some actual examples.

' .... “We are active in all areas of entertainment and we are now expanding into education,” he told TES. “We like to look at ourselves as a ‘triple E’ company, so entertainment, education and we apply entrepreneurship to everything we do, which is where our crazy ambition comes from.

“When we look at Angry Birds and education, we are not really talking about the games so much as the characters. The characters engage people of all ages [and] it’s very clear there will be very limited learning if you don’t have engaged students.” ... ' 

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