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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Networking Your Toothbrush as Over-Design App Included

A step towards an Internet of Everything?  Or should everything be just as intelligent as it needs to be?  My former enterprise develops a smarter toothbrush.  " .... Procter & Gamble’s Oral-B announced the release of its first ever web-enabled toothbrush. Setting a new standard for dental hygiene, the next SmartSeries toothbrush will include a smartphone app, helping users to know if they are brushing too hard or if it’s time to brush another area of their mouth. If that’s not enough, the new Oral-B connected toothbrush experience also suggests nearby dentists for you, gamifies teeth cleaning, and even provides weather updates. Sounds exciting, but does it make sense for the customer? ... "

From the HBR Blog.   Hardly simplicity.  With a provided App. You expect a simple tool to do the task well, without any additional complications.  Clear example of attempted over design.   The HBR Blog does a good job of describing the issues involved.  Many of the tasks that are suggested for this newly designed 'tool ensemble' can be readily performed by an App, and a tool we already have to run the App.

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