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Monday, February 24, 2014

Generating Serious Games Scenarios with Crowdsourcing

In MIT Technology Review:  As summary of a technical paper, which is pointed to.  This is the kind of application we used to call 'serious games', but now is more often called gamification.  Currently involved in such an effort.  It can be messy to generate such games.  I like the attempt at modeling and simulating real scenarios using game dynamics with crowdsourcing.   Worth a further look as a methodology.  " ... solves a significant problem with serious games. Until now, developers have had to spend an awful lot of time producing realistic content, a process known as procedural content generation. That’s always been straightforward for things like textures, models and terrain in game settings. Now, thanks to this new crowdsourcing technique, it can be just as easy for human interactions in serious games too. .... "  

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