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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jive Intranet Gamification

Team collaboration and Gamification.  An area we looked at a number of times without much success.  Corporate culture was never one to experiment with anything non traditional.  Always worth amother look for the sake of efficiency though.
" ... Jive Software launched two new products Wednesday that bolster its Jive Social Business Platform: Jive Social Intranet Solution and Jive Gamification. .... The Jive Social Intranet Solution is designed to address challenges people are having around internal collaboration, including existing intranets that never lived up to their promise, said Tim Zonca, director of product marketing at Jive. "The intranet, at least the promise of it, should have been able to solve some of these collaboration issues," he said. "Largely, the people we talk with say intranets have failed." ... "

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