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Thursday, December 17, 2009

New at Junaio

I recently mentioned Junaio and its IPhone App. A good example of the current state of 'augmented reality', as the term suggests its a means of adding useful information to your real environment via computer databases and interfaces. The Wikipedia suggests as an early example the well-known 'first down line' overlaid on the broadcasts of US football games. Or for that matter any information that is related to a physical space visually and presented in that space.

Now with the increasing use of smartphones that are aware of their physical location via GPS, and also include representations of space such as maps, it makes sense to allow a phone to manipulate the information that represents its own space. Junaio is just such an example. See their latest newsletter for more details, including the addition of APIs for developers. I am seeing more potential applications for these abilities. Yet there is still quite a way to go make them easy to use, and in particular to get enough participation to get people to expect useful augmentation in any given physical space. I do laud Junaio for taking very good first steps.

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