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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Will G Suite plus Cisco Compete with Microsoft?

    Microsoft has established usage and lots of data in the case of Linkedin.  Skype for easy communications.  So does Cisco plus Google compete?  Have used both groups extensively.  Maybe in deep learning and Cloud, but not yet in basic business capabilities.  The rank and file still need the basics with power as needed.   I don't think the near future of most work is Cloud + AI.

Cisco and Google land future of work straight on your browser   By R. Danes 

G Suite — the cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools from Google LLC — is familiar to workers everywhere. Likewise, Cisco Systems Inc.’s portfolio of technologies for meetings and collaboration has picked up lots of enterprise fans. Fittingly, the two companies have teamed up to usher in the cloud-and-AI-enabled future of work.

Google Cloud Platform officially announced its partnership with Cisco at the Google Cloud Next 2018 conference last week. However, its powwowing began a year earlier.  ... "

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